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Mark It Plus is an innovative, growing business with the goal of providing the highest quality fulfillment services to our clients and their customers. We couple these services by offering best-of-breed retail, packaging, shipping, warehouse, and inventory control supplies to the world. We support small, medium, and large-scale retail and distribution center businesses.


Our services have evolved into fully integrated fulfillment and customer care solutions for multi-channel businesses. We provide every fulfillment and customer care service required to successfully operate a business-to-business, catalog, telecom or distribution model. This includes:

  • Product and order fulfillment from our logistics center
  • Customer care services designed to support all time zones
  • Returns Management (reverse logistics) programs customized to minimize the impact of returns on our client’s profitability
  • Investments in technology that ensure seamless integration with our clients’ internal systems and their business partners’ systems

Partnering with Mark it Plus allows our clients to support new initiatives without the expense and time delay associated with building an organization and infrastructure from the ground up.

Mark It Plus understands the value of your brand and customers, and we treat your customers as if they were our own.


Companies must put the reins on spending across every location and cost center to survive in today’s economy. Often, excessive spending can infiltrate even the most disciplined businesses. This is even more apparent in growing organizations with remote locations and employees.

Significant savings await organizations that capitalize on our world-class fulfillment and best practices to manage their retail and warehouse needs. Our fulfillment solutions optimize and control the costs, people, and processes associated with successfully streamlining a supply chain.


Customer Satisfaction - Markit PlusWe will not sell our products without properly maintaining customer relationships and anticipating the future needs of our customers. Period. Most of our customers “needed it yesterday,” and we have adapted ourselves to serve in what is among the most demanding market segments on the planet…the retail, wholesale, transportation and distribution industries.

These orders come into us not by the hundreds but by the hundreds of thousands. We literally have over 10,000 products available…most are on this website…yet they are anything but commodities. Ask our customers, each of whom is different, and each has a particular niche to fill with customers among these thousands of products.

Despite recent news reports, the types of customers we supply are constantly reminded (every day!) that there never really is a “slowdown” in the American economy and that the U.S. consumer will never be satisfied; they will always want more. For our customers — from small Mom & Pops to large corporations — it is a never-ending siege of product-oriented customer fulfillment requiring the large-scale movement of goods to market.


Our model is based simply on old-world customer service value that has stood the test of an ever-crowded and impersonal economy. Of course, everyone says, “we have great customer service,” and in that context, unfortunately, the phrase has become not only insincere but over-hyped and over-simplified. We assure you: the actual application of customer service as a best-of-breed operating model for our business is neither. We are constantly reaching deep to dig for that extra level of service. And when we think we have nothing left to give — that it can’t get any better — we think of our customers, other businesses selling directly to the American consumer or to worldwide markets. Now they have it tough! And we’re proud to stand with them shoulder-to-shoulder as their needs increase. The more they pull, it seems, the better we get! We like to think of ourselves as the support team for American enterprises.

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